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Orchard Blossoms ~ Bunbury Family Photographer

This spring I’ve been waiting patiently for the stars to align and give me a day when the sun shone over the blossoming orchards. We don’t get a very big window of time when they are in full bloom here, so I wasted no time getting my girls photo ready and getting out there for some gorgeous memories when the opportunity finally presented itself. I’m so in love with the images we created, what a beautiful backdrop for my beautiful children (not that I’m biased at all ;-)). Here’s a little snapshot for you all.

I’f you’re reading this post in spring time and you’d love us to capture some gorgeous memories of your own children in the blossoms, just get in touch!

Jo x

Mother's Day Portraits ~ Bunbury CentrePoint

Last weekend we set up two mini Pop Up studios at Bunbury Centre Point to capture some gorgeous memories for local families in time for Mother's Day this weekend. We had over 150 families come to visit us and we were so pleased to see people had come all the way from Manjimup and from all over the southwest. It was fantastic to see lots of familiar faces and to see so many mums getting in with their kids for a photo too!

The kids enjoyed making cards at our craft stations, and as we were set up to print on the day we loved being able to see mums face as she looked at beautiful the print she got to take home. 

Thank you so much to everyone who came along, and thank you to CentrePoint for putting on such a great free event for the local community. 

If you came along to the event and you'd like an even bigger print or canvas of your gorgeous photo just get in touch - we offer high quality in-house printing at our Bunbury studio so we'd be happy to help you get your precious memories up on your walls to be enjoyed for years to come. 

We also have a special Mother's Day promotion on offer for our portrait gift cards this week, so if you missed out on your portrait last weekend or even if you did come but we left you wanting more, you can buy a gift card for a family portrait session and get bonus value - the perfect gift for Mum this Mother's Day. Check out the details and order yours online here:




Whitley & CJ ~ Sicily Wedding

As winter set in here in Australia I made my way to Sicily to join Whitley and CJ in the beautiful town of Taormina to capture their elopement. The pair had started off planning a big wedding in Margaret River, but as time went on they decided to replace the worry and stress of planning a wedding with a trip around Europe, stopping off in the town Whitley's grandfather was from to get married. 

An Italian wedding certainly sounded like a romantic affair and the place was beautiful, though challenging from a photographic perspective. In Europe, Italy is one of the main tourist hotspots for the summer holidays, and so the town was absolutely packed with people...not exactly ideal for capturing the pictures of romantic moments in front of sweeping European vistas I had envisaged in my mind before I arrived, and the fact that Taormina is set on a clifftop made that pretty tricky too...so I was glad to arrive a few days early to scout and make a plan for the special day.

Having spent time exploring, I noticed that the lifestyle in Taormina was to stay up late and have a lazy morning. Whitley & CJ were getting married at 6 o'clock in the evening, but at that time of day the streets were so busy that photo opportunities were limited. We wanted to capture the beautiful location without the crowds, so we got up early the day before the wedding for a pre-wedding portrait. It was such a different place wandering through the cobbled streets with barely anyone else around, so Whitley & CJ enjoyed the tourist attractions while I captured the memories of their visit for them. All done by the time the heat got too much, we finished off by going to the official offices to sign the marriage contract and do the necessary paperwork.

On the wedding day we did set up a special shot just after the ceremony to show them enjoying a moment together in the crowds, and having a tripod and a beautiful couple stopped in the street caused such a stir that the gaggle of people stopping behind me to take their own photos turned into a paprazzi crowd and Whitley & CJ got to feel what it would like to be celebrities for five minutes!

On the wedding day I felt so privileged to be there with Whitley & CJ, it was an emotionally charged day and they missed their families, so I really wanted to tell the story of their wedding so that their family back home could see the photos and feel like they were there with them too. They got ready together in their lovely little villa, and once CJ was ready we sent him outside and I helped Whitley get into her beautiful dress before going outside and getting ready to capture a First Look. After a few tears were shed we made our way around the winding roads to the Palazzo Duchi di S Stefano, where the officiant, Lady Panto, and Whitey & CJ's lovely wedding planner Adriana were waiting to start the official proceedings. 

The ceremony was short and simple, Whitley & CJ said their own vows to personalise the occasion, and a surprise letter from Whitley's mum and dad meant a few more tears. 

After a celebratory toast and a few photos in town, we quickly escaped to the beautiful villa they had booked for their wedding dinner and enjoyed time capturing quiet moments together there before I left them to celebrate and watch the sun go down on their special day. 

Thank you so much Whitley & CJ for inviting me to be a part of your wedding. It was an honour and a pleasure to be there for you, and it's definitely a wedding I'll never forget!

Jo x

Fun in a Wildflower Meadow

As a photographer it's always interesting travelling to different places. The light behaves so differently from one place to another and of course the scenery changes too. Out on a portrait session at Folly Farm in the UK we came across this lovely wildflower meadow, and even though it was the middle of the day the rainy skies made for some gorgeous memories x



Business Branding Portrait - Nick's Lifestyle Coaching

It's a lesser known fact that while we are not full tilt during wedding season we also offer Business Branding Portraits to help businesses of all types put their best selves out there into the world. 

Marketing experts these days tell you that to be successful in business you need to make a personal connection with your potential clients, and in today's age of social media with people scrolling through literally tonnes of information a day, it's hard to stand out. 

Yes, millions of images exist online so you can pay a small fee for stock photography to fill your website and social media profiles with. But do generic images of things that relate to your business really help you stand out? Or would you be better off putting a little time and effort into creating your own library of images so that people who connect with your brand actually see you and your business?

Or perhaps you can just get by taking your own photos? Maybe you can, but it's worth remembering that your photos represent your business, and low quality imagery will communicate the same about your business. 

If you're not sure if representing your brand visually in the best way possible is so important, just check out this article, it sums it up pretty well:


Last week we had the pleasure of getting to know Nick who is interested in becoming a Lifestyle Coach. An ex-body builder he leads a healthy lifestyle inspired by positive thinking and a love of the outdoors, and his dream is to follow his passion and help others do the same. After a planning session together to storyboard ideas and visualise what he wanted his future brand to look like, we went out and captured a library of images for him to use when he starts up to really show people what he and his business are all about and build trust in his brand right from the word go.

Every time we create a branding portrait we capture a range of images that can be used across different platforms and are versatile in the ways they can be displayed - from website banners to profile pictures, abstract ideas and traditional print media layouts there are so many ways we need to visually communicate these days, so we make sure our clients have the ability to easily do that. 

We can plan sessions in many different ways...business portraits are not reserved just for big business with big budgets, we can create great looking images anywhere. 

Here are just a few of the images we captured for Nick's own personal stock library...with this gallery of images at his fingertips we just know he'll be a Lifestyle Coach that motivates us all to get out and get healthy!



If you'd like us to create a better image of your brand simply get in touch to find out how!

E mail us at studio@thephotographyboutique.com.au or call us on 08 9791 4226 and we will be in touch.