Clive & Diana ~ Evedon Park Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you just want to marry the one you love without all the fuss of a huge wedding. Clive and Diana had a beautifully simple pop up wedding at Evedon Park with their closest family and friends there to share it with them, and it was a gorgeous joy-filled day.

But even when you’re keeping things simple you still want amazing memories to look back on, so they booked us to meet them after their Pop Up ceremony and spend an hour capturing some special moments with their Bridal Party.

We know wedding days are unique and even if you’re not doing the traditional wedding, we’re happy to be there to capture your day!

~ ~

Samantha & Brendon's Wedding ~ Barton Jones Winery Donnybrook

Both being locals to Boyanup Samantha and Brendon wanted to get married in a place that was special, and where better but the town you call home! We chose to take their wedding photos in spots that are iconic to the area including the bridge, the railway line, the tree-lined red dirt roads and of course the stunning vista of vines at Barton Jones Winery.

Lots of family came over from the Netherlands to celebrate their special day, including their gorgeous flower girls. After they exchanged their vows and Brendon kissed his bride the groom's family sang a traditional song of blessing over them, a beautiful moment. 

We can't wait to start designing their gorgeous album, it's going to be a stunner!

Brittney & Corey ~ An Aravina Estate Wedding, Margaret River

Sometimes you just know ahead of time that a wedding is going to be beyond beautiful, and with Brittney & Corey's special day it was never in any doubt. 

These two are such an amazing pair, so beautiful but so down to earth, and it was our absolute pleasure to get to know them. We had great fun on the farm for their engagement portrait, and then turned those memories into a slideshow to play in the background during their First Dance as husband and wife. Aravina Estate was the perfect backdrop for an elegant wedding, and we all enjoyed a relaxed but classy day together centred around family, friends and having fun.


~ the makings of the day ~

The Venue: Aravina Estate

The Dress: Bridal by Aubrey Rose

Makeup: Holly Garvey Makeup Artist

Hair: Wish Hair Studio

Florist: Bespoke Wedding Flowers

Floral Decor: The Wall Flower Co

Transport: South West Limousines

Cake: Love and Flour

Whitley & CJ ~ Sicily Wedding

As winter set in here in Australia I made my way to Sicily to join Whitley and CJ in the beautiful town of Taormina to capture their elopement. The pair had started off planning a big wedding in Margaret River, but as time went on they decided to replace the worry and stress of planning a wedding with a trip around Europe, stopping off in the town Whitley's grandfather was from to get married. 

An Italian wedding certainly sounded like a romantic affair and the place was beautiful, though challenging from a photographic perspective. In Europe, Italy is one of the main tourist hotspots for the summer holidays, and so the town was absolutely packed with people...not exactly ideal for capturing the pictures of romantic moments in front of sweeping European vistas I had envisaged in my mind before I arrived, and the fact that Taormina is set on a clifftop made that pretty tricky I was glad to arrive a few days early to scout and make a plan for the special day.

Having spent time exploring, I noticed that the lifestyle in Taormina was to stay up late and have a lazy morning. Whitley & CJ were getting married at 6 o'clock in the evening, but at that time of day the streets were so busy that photo opportunities were limited. We wanted to capture the beautiful location without the crowds, so we got up early the day before the wedding for a pre-wedding portrait. It was such a different place wandering through the cobbled streets with barely anyone else around, so Whitley & CJ enjoyed the tourist attractions while I captured the memories of their visit for them. All done by the time the heat got too much, we finished off by going to the official offices to sign the marriage contract and do the necessary paperwork.

On the wedding day we did set up a special shot just after the ceremony to show them enjoying a moment together in the crowds, and having a tripod and a beautiful couple stopped in the street caused such a stir that the gaggle of people stopping behind me to take their own photos turned into a paprazzi crowd and Whitley & CJ got to feel what it would like to be celebrities for five minutes!

On the wedding day I felt so privileged to be there with Whitley & CJ, it was an emotionally charged day and they missed their families, so I really wanted to tell the story of their wedding so that their family back home could see the photos and feel like they were there with them too. They got ready together in their lovely little villa, and once CJ was ready we sent him outside and I helped Whitley get into her beautiful dress before going outside and getting ready to capture a First Look. After a few tears were shed we made our way around the winding roads to the Palazzo Duchi di S Stefano, where the officiant, Lady Panto, and Whitey & CJ's lovely wedding planner Adriana were waiting to start the official proceedings. 

The ceremony was short and simple, Whitley & CJ said their own vows to personalise the occasion, and a surprise letter from Whitley's mum and dad meant a few more tears. 

After a celebratory toast and a few photos in town, we quickly escaped to the beautiful villa they had booked for their wedding dinner and enjoyed time capturing quiet moments together there before I left them to celebrate and watch the sun go down on their special day. 

Thank you so much Whitley & CJ for inviting me to be a part of your wedding. It was an honour and a pleasure to be there for you, and it's definitely a wedding I'll never forget!

Jo x

Brigitte & Peter ~ Old Broadwater Farm Busselton Wedding

Sometimes inexplicable things happen on a wedding day that you can't plan for and you may not even fully understand at the time, but you just know it's something special and you have to capture it. 

During their ceremony Brigitte's mum organised a surprise for her and Peter, and gave them a box to open up. When the lid opened, a handful of monarch butterflies slowly made their way out and then flew away into the bush surrounding Old Broadwater Farm... all but one. One butterfly fluttered around the bride and groom and then rested itself on the arbour above them until the nuptials were over. In the moment it was a lovely thing to happen, and everyone enjoyed watching the beautiful butterfly. Then as the day went on we noticed there were monarch butterflies featured in the reception styling too.

Later on in the day, while I was photographing a collection of photo frames with pictures of loved ones who had passed away and so couldn't be at the wedding, I noticed one was of a young boy. At that moment a lovely lady came up to me and told me it was her son, Brigitte's cousin. She told me that they released monarch butterflies at his funeral, and that the one lingering butterfly at the wedding ceremony had made her think of him, and the fact that maybe he was there with them all at the wedding. 

Isn't the universe amazing, creating such powerful symbols out of such simple things. We just have to keep our hearts and minds open enough to see them.

Other things we learned at this wedding - Eagle Rock requires dancing with your pants around your ankles, and there's a whole set dance routine to get stuck into when Nutbush starts playing ;-)

Thanks for a lovely day Peter & Brigitte, it was an honour to be there to share it with you.




The Venue: Old Broadwater Farm

The Dress: Bridal by Aubrey Rose

The Hair: Hair by Madi

Stylist/Decorator: Ferguson Valley Events

Transport: Chevrolet limousines southwest

The Cake: Sweet Stylin by Summa Taylor