Photography Fundamentals Workshop ~ Half Day


Photography Fundamentals Workshop ~ Half Day



Understanding the fundamentals

Perfect for the novice, our classroom based morning workshop is designed to help you achieve better results from your digital camera with no previous knowledge required. We cover essential camera theory, guide you through the key features of your camera and show you when and how to use them for instantly better and more creative photos. You will learn how to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO for absolute creative control of the camera and discover how to shoot confidently in manual mode – no more Auto! 

What you will learn

Understanding and controlling exposure, aperture and shutter speeds, what they are and how they affect the image, the advantages of using manual vs auto, focusing modes and selective focusing, and understanding ISO and white balance.

What to Bring
Your camera - a Digital SLR, micro four thirds camera, or compact camera with fully manual modes. If you are unsure about whether your camera is suitable simply check with us before booking.  

Location: Studio @ 3 Zoe Street, Bunbury

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